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frequently asked questions.

Below are frequently asked questions by some of our clients, browse to see if you would find some answers to your querries if not please feel free to contact us 

What are the delivery charges for orders on the online shop?

Delivery charges will be include to the total in your cart depending on the location your a ordering from.

How secure is it to shop on your online shop, is my data protected?
to keep our clients data safe we are using a safe payment method. where all your data is kept private by the client and not giving out to any one else
What happens exactly after placing my order?
After placing an order your order is been processed and packaged discreetly for safe and guaranteed delivery to you. once packaging is complete it is the register for delivery to you.
Do I receive and invoice for my order?

 Yes!. After placing and order we will mail you a copy of your invoice

Is medical cannabis addictive?
Like all drugs, cannabis could potentially be abused, which could lead to addiction. Some studies have assessed cannabis and determined it to have a 9% addiction rate. Gigglingfog recommends that you discuss the potential risk of abuse and addiction with your healthcare provider to decide if medical cannabis is right for you
Can I drive after consuming medical cannabis?

Gigglngfog strongly advises its patients to refrain from using motor vehicles and to avoid operating any heavy machinery while under the influence of cannabis. Some reported effects of cannabis, such as sedative and psychoactive effects, may impair the user’s motor skills.

What do Sativa and Indica mean?

The terms “indica” and “sativa” are technically botanical terms that are used to describe the shape of cannabis plants, but have been commonly used to characterize cannabis plants based on the type of biological response the user will experience. “Indica” is used by some people to describe a plant with more relaxing or sedating effects, while the term “sativa” is sometimes used to describe plants with more uplifting or energizing effects. Though they may have been found useful by users, these terms have not been scientifically validated.

What is Medical Cannabis?

The term medical cannabis refers to the use of the cannabis plant, as it is claimed to medically aid in treatment of a variety of ailments. Through its chemical compounds, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), cannabis has been reported to treat symptoms of illness and other conditions. Cannabis is considered the leaves, flowers and bud of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. The health benefits of medical cannabis have been reported to range from pain and muscle spasms to nausea associated with chemotherapy.

Who is eligable for medical cannabis prescription?

To qualify for a medical cannabis prescription, you will need to provide appropriate medical documentation confirming your diagnoses by a healthcare professional. The licensed medical cannabis doctor will assess and analyze the information you have provided and decide whether you are eligible for medical cannabis.

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